Z-Order is a traditional metal band that reminds many of the heyday of classic, twin-guitar metal from bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica.


Z-OrderZ-Order was actually formed in 2011 after the debut album, Utopia, was mostly recorded.  Ellefson is an instrumental guitarist who’d released several albums, with Utopia intended to be his fifth, but the first one with vocals.  A local singer joined the project in 2009 and drummer Goetz was asked to perform shortly after.  Goetz was a drummer in Division, a local metal band, but had also played rhythm guitar in Ellefon’s live band back in 2006-7.  The two also played guitar together in an Iron Maiden tribute band, Seventh Son, in 2007-9.

Also in that cover band was bassist DeMarco, whom Ellefson had previously hired to play on his second album.  Knowing DeMarco’s style worked well with the new songs for Utopia, Ellefson asked him to again play as a session bassist, but before DeMarco had a chance, the first signer abruptly quit.  This led to a series of no less than four different singers, over three years, agreeing to perform all vocals only to quit partway through the project.  In the meantime, the band could do nothing.

Eventually, Downey joined Z-Order in 2014.  Long before then, Ellefson had returned to recording and releasing instrumental guitar albums and realized Utopia should be released under a different name.


Individual Bios
Walt Downey

Walt has been singing for bands in the Mid-Atlantic for decades and regularly performs (pretty much every weekend night). He’s known for his high range. More details soon…

Randy Ellefson

Rand plays guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and whatever else is needed for a song. He also builds his own electric guitars.  More details on his music website

Dave DeMarco

Dave is a professional, multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, and probably a few things you’ve never heard of. He regularly performs in the Mid-Atlantic with a zillion bands, both cover and original. More details soon…

James Goetz

James is both an accomplished drummer and guitarist, having performed in metal band Division for years before joining Z-Order.  More details soon…

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